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Design thinking

is a way to develop new and fresh ideas.
With design thinking you can find solutions to problems or challenges through a structured yet creative process. The funny thing is that design thinking is much more about doing than thinking.


Design thinking is a journey. The exploring aspect makes that you’ll never precisely know what the end result will be. So, design thinking is not for the insecure, the ‘I need to know every little detail beforehand’ types. But, for the more courageous design thinking will guaranty innovative and often mind bowing results.
And… aren’t those the ones that make you stand out from your competitors?



It is user centered: meaning that everything is based on true user insights.



Share and discus your findings to get an even deeper understanding of the challenge.



Let your creativity flow:
cook up as many ideas as you possibly can.



Build your businesscase and present your best idea(s)
in a convincing and appealing way.


How does it work?

The process is based on four steps: Discover > Define > Develop > Deliver.
This is an on going process: once you’ve delivered the solution you get back to the discover part. To see how your idea works and how it can be improved.
The whole process is based on a few design related specifics:

1. It is user centered: meaning that everything is based on true user insights (see Act on Insights)

2 It is holistic: it oversees the whole, not just a part. Parts are interconnected and therefore influence each other. (see Connect silo’s)

3. It’s about co-creation: all stakeholders bring their knowledge, experience and insights to the table.

4 We use visualization where and whenever possible. Visuals are strong communicators and help you remember the essences of matters.

5 We test as soon (and as cheap) as possible: using rapid prototyping methods we try out our ideas a quickly as possible.

That is a very brief introduction on design thinking. We can help you and your company to master this creative and engaging method. Give us a call or send us an email if you want to know more.