Help me out here…

Yesterday I arrived a Gerona Airport and did the usual rush to the Goldcar desk to avoid standing in line for an hour. When you’re to late, your screwed because they are slow: I mean hassle slow, unbelievably slow. What I really can’t figure out is why they can keep me at their tiny window for so long when I rent a car at least three times per year. They should know me by now, or at least, their system should. But that is not the issue for now.


Yesterday we got introduced to a new routine: after the wait-and-window experience I was given the number and location of a car along with a form. At the top of the form was a tiny illustration with all the damages crossed out on of that specific car. (None of the sides was cross less!). Then you walk a 5 minutes walk to the cars’ location and check the car. If you find any more damages you squeeze them next to the pre-crossed damages on the tiny illustration. Next you walk 5 minutes back to the wait-for-ever window and hand the form to the guy. The guy at the window doesn’t look twice at your artwork on the illustration and hands you the car key.


Is this a complete waist of energy and an ill service concept made in one or what? Apparently it has something to do with waving insurance on the car and thereby brining the price down. And, it must be said, I consider paying only 50 euro’s for 8 days car rent an absolute bargain.

Goldcar Sticker Light

What puzzles me is the model behind this user-unfriendly approach. Does the do-it-yourself damage scribble help Goldcar to decrease insurance costs? Honestly, I have a hard time believing that. But, on a personal level, do I want to comply with this routine in order to get a lower the price?

‘Still not sure…’

What do you think?