An appeal to Apple to stop changing interfaces by putting in new functions and erase useful features when they design updates for their OS, programs and apps!


Too much of a good thing makes you… waste your time (read: annoyed).

My only doubt about Apple ever was when I saw the first Macintosh. As a serious graphic designer and type-aficionado, I could not believe that a tiny television could produce quality artwork. Mind you, that was in the mid-nineteen eighties. By the time the Macintosh SE30 hit the shops I was a devotee.


In those days being an Apple-devotee was a hard job: my beloved wonder-machine was put off by many as a toy. Things became a bit easier with the iMac that ‘came in colors’, a lovable computer that broadened the user group. Now the user-friendly interface was no longer limited to graphic designers.


Sweet memories…

I wonder what happened to that company? How come I feel alien to my own laptop, tablet and smartphone every time they have an update? Oh, I see: I’m an old geezer, approaching 60 so it’ must be beyond my scope. Nope, that’s not it. Checking with my smart kids and young colleagues they experience the same estrangement when they open iTunes, iPhoto and the sort after an update: un-clear interface, useless features, hidden or disappeared functionality.

Sometimes you wonder, is this device mine or is it Apple’s?

Apple has never been big on user-centered research. In fact, the joke about Apple’s research, being Steve Jobs looking in the mirror, might not be far from the truth. But now their ‘we-know-what-is-good-for-you’ approach begins to irritate big time. It leads to bad user experience.

So to all developers at Apple (and their bosses): Stop, I would very much like to have the ownership of my computer back!